32-bit Kogge-Stone based Hybrid Adder Implemented using Standard Cells of Different Logic Families


Hema Singaravelan, Graduate Student, Dr. Kiran V, Associate Professor
RV College of Engineering Bangalore, India.


Adders performs a critical role in all computational operations, thereby optimizing them with respect to design constraints for a system is essential. In this paper, standard cells of different logic families, namely- CMOS, Pseudo NMOS, and MGDI, are designed in Cadence Design Suite Virtuoso 6.1.7 in 180nm technology and characterized using Liberate 15.1.3. The standard cell libraries thus created are then applied to 32-bit KSA (Kogge-Stone Adder) and KSA based proposed hybrid adder that are implemented in Verilog, functionally verified on Xilinx Vivado 2020.2 and synthesized on Cadence Genus 15.22. Pseudo NMOS logic shows 14.03% area savings and MGDI offers 54.43% power saving based on area per cell over the traditional CMOS technology. It is also seen that the proposed adder offers a decrease in power and delay by 32.13% and 13.75% over KSA, respectively, in CMOS logic. Further discussions are made and suitable applications for all designs are also discussed.