A Comparative Study of Agile Software Development & SCRUM with the Traditional Software Engineering Approach


Shubham Saini
SGT University-FET, Gurugram, Haryana.

Neha Sehrawat
Assistant Professor, SGT University, Gurugram.


In today’s fast pacing world, there are a lot of business ventures and products /software where development is taking place at a high rate which requires a proper set of instructions and methodology to follow. Following the traditional Models is not considered effective nowadays due to their limitations as a lot of dynamic changes happen during the development of any product or software and during that life cycle, a more designed and modern approach is needed which is considered to be“Agile Software Development”.It offers a faster generation of quality software using iterative and incremental approaches considering customer involvement and simplicity at its priority. It is needed to satisfy the customer changing requirements while building any software or product. The objective of this paper is to give a brief understanding of the traditional software development models with their characteristics and limitations, and the trending Agile Software Development methodology which is mostly used nowadays due to changing requirements in the industry. Furthermore, it also covers all the features and advantages of the Agile Model in detail along with one of its widely used subsets -Scrum which is a lightweight framework used in managing high-complexity work.