A Critical Analysis on Social Security Measures For the Protection Of Workers in India


Mrs. J.Gayathri, Prof. Dr. Dilshad Shaik
Vels Institute Of Science, Technology And Advanced Studies, Vels University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.



Social security is the protection which society provides for its members through a series of public measures against economic and social distress that otherwise would be caused by the substantial stoppage of earnings. It also refers to the action programs undertaken by the government to promote the welfare of the people. The current study based on the empirical research. It is consisting of the scientific frame of research. It began with the finding of research problem based on the review of literature. The major contribution of the study is to collect the legal facts of particular area and to test the hypothesis of a cause effect relationship between variables. Convenience sampling method is used . Questionnaire is used as the primary data collection and the articles, journals, reports, newsletters are considered as the secondary sources. The analysis is carried out for demographic statistics and hypothesis testing chi square and cross tabulation is used.