A Deep Learning-Based Approach for Detection of Dementia from Brain Mri


Students, Reshma L, Sai Priya Nalluri, Priya R Sankpal, Professor
BNM Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.


In this paper, a user-friendly system has been developed which will provide the result of medical analysis of digital images like magnetization resonance of image scan of the brain for detection and classification of dementia. The small structural differences in the brain can slowly and gradually become a major disease like dementia. The progression of dementia can be slowed when identified early. Hence, this paper aims at developing a robust system for classification and identifying dementia at the earliest. The method used in this paper for initial disclosure and diagnosis of dementia is deep learning since it can give important results in a shorter period of time. Deep Learning methods such as K-means clustering, Pattern Recognition, and Multi-class Support Vector Machine (SVM) have been used to classify different stages of dementia. The goal of this study is to provide a user interface for deep learning-based dementia classification using brain magnetic resonance imaging data. The results show that the created method has an accuracy of 96% and may be utilized to detect people who have dementia or are in the early stages of dementia.