A Dynamic and Highly Configurable Crypto-Processor for brief communication interval


Riya Bagul, Atharva Karaguppi, Vishwas Karale, Mudit Singal
Electronics and Telecommunication, College of Engineering, Pune, India.

Dr. Vaishali Ingale


In modern computing systems data security is of paramount importance. The data transfer must be made secure because it can be significantly sensitive for any organization involved. This paper expounds a SOC architecture to facilitate end to end secure data exchange for applications involving short communication intervals. This SOC has been designed to behave as a co-processor which along with a standard general-purpose processor would serve as a cryptosystem. The SOC employs two famous algorithms – RSA and AES for cryptography. In contrast to usual single key cryptographic systems, this paper tries to elaborate an innovative methodology involving dynamic security measures that makes the system distributed rather than making it central to a specific algorithm and hence a particular key. The methodology involves generating and using an AES key for data encryption and RSA key for secure transfer of the AES key between the point of transmission and reception.