A Message Explaining The Tawaf of The House, Even After The Demolition of Ali Al-Qari


M.D. Falah Abdul RasoulHammoudi, Study and investigation
The Republic of Iraq Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Anbar University College of Applied Sciences Hit, Iraq.


Praise be to God, Lord of the worlds, and may blessings and peace be upon our Master Muhammad and upon all his family and companions, and after: Since the Noble Qur’an was revealed to our Master Muhammad () and the distinguished scholars are busy with this miraculous book, they spent their lives in it, and in explaining the Sunnah of the Prophet () to facilitate people to know what concerns them about their religion and world, until all this ended with an imam from The most senior imams of Muslims is the scholar Ali al-Qari al-Harawi who left many and great books in various arts of knowledge, and did not leave a chapter of Islamic sciences except for one or more authors in it, and from this useful composition is his message on the matter of the Sacred House of God and his treatment of a delicate issue related to that house Al-Muammar in his message tagged (Explanation of Tawaf al-Bayt, even after the demolition), when she was young, she was rich in information that enriched the questioner and those who came after him from among the students of knowledge.I have fulfilled this great message, and I have made my study of it include two topics: