A Novel IoT Enabled System for detection of Infected Leaf for Smart Agricultural


Abhishek Shukla, Research Scholar, Dr. Rohit Miri, Associate Professor
Computer Science & Enginnering, Dr. C. V. Raman University Bilaspur, India.


As we know 2020 is a year which created lots of issues with every type of the business. Even it affects the agricultural eco system. Due to COVID-19 there is very less man power is available and farmers who are doing forming in larger way, they need lots of man power to monitor & maintain their farmers. Due to lack in man power its very difficult for the formers to monitor their farms from remotely, so there is need of system which is able to provide smart agricultural features like temperature & humidity monitoring remotely apart from that farmer have the power to monitor the quality of their leaves. So, in this paper we present an IoT enabled system which is able to track the temperature & Humidity from the remotely apart from that it is also able to capture the image of the leaf and send to server where in server using Computer vision & machine learning system, we will track the leaf quality. In this paper we proposed a hardware unit which is basically using ESP32 Cam and DHT11. Here ESP-32 work as smart CAM which is able to track the image of the leaf and send those real time image to the server. Here we are using think speak to store the accuracy level parameters of each leaf record. Similar we will store temperature & humidity real time data on the think speak server. Think speak server is powered by math work.