A novel method to improve dependability of Wireless Communication System


Popuri Jayaratnam*, Asst. Professor,
MAM college of Engineering, Trichy, India.

Thalamala Ravichandran, Scientific Officer,
National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India.


Adjusting frequency channels or device location played important role in improving Wireless Communication System (WCS). While focusing on flexible automated methods, researchers designed non-cooperated methods that did not allow WCSs to exchanges messages. But later on, the researchers used max − plus algebra and Petri net to invent cooperated methods. Later, leveraging model predictive control was used to improve WCSs by controlling dependability parameters to preserve all logical links. But the drawback of this approach is its inability to avoid the logical link explosion where the number of logical links increases sharply. In this article, the proposed method Killing the worst logical links (KWLWCS) assesses the logical links and removes the worst logical links in order to improve WCS.