A Novel Non-Invasive Algorithm Using the concept of Nail Based Anemia Disease Detection


Saurabh Mitra, Research Scholar, Dr. Shanti Rathore, Associate Professor, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta, Dean
Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engg, Dr. C. V. Raman University Bilaspur (C.G.), Rabindranath Tagore University Bhopal (M.P.), India.


Anemia is a danger disease for the human life. If anemia diagnosis is not found in time than its very difficult to recover the patient specially in COVID-19 time it’s a deadly disease. As we know in this era 2020 COVID is create a huge change in human life that’s why after 2019 is called New life. As we know there is lots of approaches are there to identify the anemia, but there is very few approaches are there which are non-invasive, and those approaches are not good in terms of the quality of the result and most important they are not a good real time analysis system. So, in this paper we proposed a novel non-invasive algorithm which is able to detect the anemia using the human nails. In this approach we use computer vision, machine and deep learning concept and based on that only we decide the anemia level on any particular patient. Our propose approach is complete real time and this system is able to provide result in very less time. Key Words:Invasive, Non-Invasive, SPO2, Hardware, Device.