“A Review article on Mobile Health Tools”


Ms.Rahi Zarikar, Ms.Shubhada Tripathi, Ms.Gitanjali Chavan, Assitant Professor,
Department of M Pharmacy, SBSPM’s B Pharmacy College, Ambajogai, India.


➢ In a world of constant technological advances, it is important that healthcare professionals make use of technology to support patients and provide health care to ensure an optimal quality of life. Mobile health (mHealth) uses mobile technologies to assist healthcare pro- fessionals in providing efficient and adequate patient care. Mobile applications play an important role in mHealth, as they allow users to access information quickly, at the touch of a finger. This report discusses how mHealth assists pharmacists in providing patients with the best care possible ➢ Through the use of mobile applications, pharmacists can stay up to date with disease state guidelines, maintain adequate pharmacy stock inventories, access drug information systems, review patient health information and use tools to calculate individual drug doses and to accurately convert between units of measurement. Mobile devices may also assist pharmacists by converting smart phones into point-of-care diagnostic tools, such as otoscopes or blood pressure monitors. Mobile applications can also help patients manage disease states, improving their medication adherence, and logging important health history. mHealth mobile applications have the ability to support pharmacy practice, as well as patients‘ lives. ➢ Although mHealth is constantly advancing in global health care, patient confidentiality risks, variable IT literacy and internet access requirements are barriers that stand between patients/healthcare providers and the ability to fully take advantage of mHealth technologies. The goal of mHealth in the field of pharmacy should be to support and assist individuals in providing safe, effective and efficient patient-centred care.