A Review of Potential Impact of Climate Change on Global Water Resources


K.Nandini, Assistant Professor, S.Suriya, Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering, Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, India.


This paper discusses the various impact of global climate change on global water.Anthropogenic activities and therefore the industrial revolution have contributed more to global climate change impact in hydrological cycle and Water balance components. Various studies were supported out in concern with the availability of surface water, ground water resources, seawater intrusion, and snowmelt. This paper reviewed the impact of global climate change on various scenarios on surface water, groundwater resources and snow melt in cold regions, and hydrological variability of surface and groundwater resources. Rise of Seawater level is additionally another critical issue and thus global climate change mitigation and adaptation are predominant in managing blue-green and greywater.Formulating global climate change policies within the world would require an integrated approach that might assess the multiple interlinkages within the Energy, Land, Water, andClimate (ELWC) nexus and extricate the impacts of worldwide global climate change from that of regional human anthropogenic activities