A Review of the Emergence and Development of Industry 5.0


Richa Sinha, Corresponding author, Avinash Adarsh, Sahil Tanweer
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Amity University, Jharkhand, India.


The advent of Industry 5.0 marks a transformative era in the industrial sector, characterized by a harmonious integration of advanced technologies and human-centric innovation. This comprehensive study explores the genesis and evolution of Industry 5.0, tracing its roots from the foundational principles of Industry 4.0. Unlike its predecessor, which emphasized automation, digitization, and cyber- physical systems, Industry 5.0 seeks to balance technological advancements with human intelligence, creativity, and societal needs. Key components such as artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics are examined in the context of their synergistic potential with human expertise and ethical considerations. The study delves into the implications of this paradigm shift for various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries, highlighting case studies that demonstrate the practical applications and benefits of Industry 5.0 initiatives. Additionally, the research addresses the challenges and opportunities associated with the transition to this new industrial era, including workforce reskilling, cybersecurity, and sustainable development. By providing a detailed analysis of the driving forces, technological enablers, and societal impacts, this study aims to offer a holistic understanding of Industry 5.0, paving the way for future innovations that align technological progress with human well-being.