A Review on Fraud Detection of Credit Cards through Machine Learning Algorithms


Rakhi Arora, Nitin Dixit, Gaurav Dubey
Institute of Technology and Management, Gwalior, India.


Basically, as online commerce grows, there are more opportunities for fraud to occur with transactions, money, and the holder's personal information. As in the Present situation most of things are happening online so we are facing this problem more often. For this we are developing a system wherein the Fraud actions can be prevented and handled. So in this System our main focus is on Machine Learning and its Algorithms. Our Project is focussing here on Random Forest, KNN and Adaboost Algorithms of Machine Learning. Its results are based on Accuracy and performance and precision. Adaboost offers the highest accuracy when compared to Random Forest, Adaboost, and KNN, according to our comparison, performance, precision. Also we have plotted ROC Curve based on confusion matrix and classification model.