Rohini Sharma, Assistant professor,
Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali, India.


The increasing availability of wireless communication technology makes possible ubiquitous mobile computing: access from anywhere, at any time, to computer networks and rich set of services attached to them. Mobile computers provide a powerful interface to services that allow a mobile user to access diverse source of information, exchange electronic messages, interact with other users, in real time, and utilize remote computing resource. Mobile computing environment has a wireless network, which can cause signal disturbance, spurious disconnection by handoff, voluntary disconnection to use power efficiently and unpredictable transmission error. Mobile agent system is used to provide optimized solution for mobile computing environment in spite of having more problems. The design of mobile memory prosthetics, devices used to augmented memory. First, different forms of memory then how people augmented their memories currently, list making, reminders. The mobile phone landscape changed with the introduction of smart phones running Android, a platform marketed by Google. Android mobile phones are the first credible threat to the iPhone market. Android is a success by Google on the basis of market share and the number of available applications. Google offers Android phone as an open source solution, any handset manufacturer can use it as a software development platform.