A Secure File Transfer over Virtual Machine Instances using Hybrid Encryption Technique


Students, Dhanush U, Prasannasai S Hulikatti, Raghavendra H Malager, Sandur Shreesha, Prakash Biswagar, Professor
Dept of Electronics and Communication, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.


Cloud Computing is used to share data, services, and resources via a network but this system is vulnerable to cyber-attacks by an unauthorized person denying the user privacy and confidentiality. The exponential growth in Information technology especially in the field of Cloud Computing has seen a rise in security attacks such as Interruption, Interception, Modification, Fabrication making it absolutely necessary to enhance cloud security as well as network security. To tackle the menace of security threats is to make use of the various encryption techniques and to ensure secure transmission of the data to ensure the user of his rights of Privacy, Confidentiality, Integrity, Authentication, and access controls of data. This can be achieved by Cryptographic techniques. In the former implementation, a new virtual instance is created and embedded with all the requested resources and allocated to the user whereas in the later implementation the size of the allotted VM is being altered to account for the extra requested resource or to free the unused resource to increase efficiency. To achieve Secure file transfer between instances Hypervisor tool Virtual Box developed by Oracle Corporation is used. To interface with Hypervisor via Host CLI commands provided by the Virtual Box is used. Thus, developing a model that mimics the cloud environment on small scale using the laptop/desktop which enacts a cloud with a limited resource pool.