A Secure Model to Protect Healthcare IoT System from Version Number and Rank Attack


Smita Sanjay Ambarkar, Narendra Shekokar
Department of Computer Engineering, D. J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, University of Mumbai, India.


Recently the entire world is witnessing a pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. Resultantly, the healthcare sector battles the challenges like inadequacy of staff members, feeble patient monitoring services, etc. IoT technology provides complete digitization. However, this healthcare IoT falls prey to various attacks and security threats. The main cause of the attacks is the IoT communication and routing protocols. Routing protocol for low power lossy network (RPL) provides the potent routing mechanism in the 6LoWPAN network. However, RPL is an unsecured protocol; hence providing security to IPV6-RPL connected devices is a challenging task. This paper modeled the rules for RPL protocol signatures like ETX, beacon interval, and energy consumption in a novel attack detection system. The simulation results proved that the proposed system detects the conventional as well as RPL specific attacks precisely version number and rank attacks in healthcare IoT systems with higher accuracy and detection rate.