Manisha Kaistha, Meenakshi
Department of Mathematics, UIS, Chandigarh University, Mohali, Punjab, India.


This section is devoted to the study of the measuring area in which topology set X is produced by an unused scalar known as metric that can be defined as a measurement of a particular distance between any two parts, or focused, in the setting as part of its properties strongly suggests the natural concept of distance we usually experience. In everyday life. This type of climatic space includes a popular position among all technological spaces because the reason is that its topology has been completely removed by scale-level work. We can confidently assume that we are well acquainted with the characteristics of such work and are accustomed to handling it. All things being equal, perfect topology is often commended by a certain category of a small dynamic subset of a theoretical set. The concept of measurement space was first introduced by Fréchet in the year 1906. However, the name of the metric space was given by Hausdorff later.