A Simple and Efficient Schiff Base Derived Chemosensor for Selective Detection of Fluoride Ion


Fazlur Rahaman, Prabhat Gautam, Priti Gupta
Department of Chemistry, CMR Institute of Technology, Bengaluru-560037,Karnataka, India.
VTU-RC affliated to Visweswaraya Technological University, Belgavi, Karnataka, India – 590 018.
Subrata Mondal
Department of Chemistry, Dinhata College, Cooch Behar-736135, West Bengal, India.


A new thiazole substituted chemosensor 1 has been designed and synthesized for selective detection of fluoride ions. The chemosensor 1 was characterized by 1H NMR and 13C NMR. The absorption studies of chemosensor in DMF exhibits two peaks at 283 nm and 327 nm. The anion sensing behaviour of chemosensor 1 for various anions (I-, Cl-, Br-, NO3-, HSO4-, PF6-, ClO4-) in DMF were investigated by UV-vis spectroscopy. Chemosensor 1 exhibited high degree of selectivity for fluoride ions over other anions. A good linearity in the range of 16-133 μM with 6.12 μM limit of detection value (LOD) was observed.