A Study of Consumer Buying Behaviour of Haldiram’s Snacks in Pune Region


Shalini Shekhar
BIMM Sri Balaji University, Pune, India.


The snack industry of INDIA is one of the largest industries in the world, the reason being the availability of unique spices and difference in taste and food habits of the people residing here. The customer satisfaction is the key to snack industry which made the firms in need of regularly in evaluating the customer’s opinion on their products. The study aims to analyse consumer buying behaviour towards Haldiram’s snacks. Descriptive design was used for the study. Primary and secondary data was used for the study. Primary data was collected using a questionnaire. Convenient sampling was used to collect the sample. The sample size was 112. The analysis was done using percentages, Likert Scale and statistical test. Overall, maximum respondents belonged to age group between 20 and 30 are very happy and satisfied with the products.