A study of consumer preference of Aashirvaad Atta in Pune


Siddharth Nair, Rashmi
Sri Balaji University (BIIB), Pune, India.


The paper deals with the importance of consumer preference of aashirvaad atta. In order to perform an analysis of wheat flour it will determined by various factor such as quality, nutritional factor and softness. Creating a strong brand is the need for the hour as today’s customer is busier and devotes less time to decision making. The present study focuses on the consumer’s behaviour for branded atta. The study is to understand the consumer preference towards selected branded commodity food products. An attempt was also made to examine the factors influencing the purchase of aashirvaad atta. A sample of 240 respondents was selected from Pune. The most important factors influencing the purchase of branded atta were quality, nutritional facts, softness. A wide range of attempts and hypotheses to explain the factors that impact consumers and their behaviour’s when making buying decisions. Brand preference is seen as a crucial step in customer decision-making, with elements of choice involved. In setting brand preference, consumers compare and rank different brands by focusing on their specific mark preference as defined. Marketers have always had a keen interest in customer behaviour. The know-how Consumer behaviour helps advertisers understand how customers are thinking, feeling and choosing alternatives such as goods, labels and the like, and how customers are affected by their environment, by comparison groups, friends, and salespeople, etc. Cultural influences a consumer’s purchasing behaviour, social, personal and psychological. Most of these variables are uncontrollable and beyond marketers ‘reach but they need to be addressed when trying to understand consumers’ dynamic conduct.