A Study of demographic factors of online shoppers in Lucknow, U.P, India


Inderpal Singh Bindra, Research Scholar, Dr. Ajay Prakash, Professor, Pro-VC & Director
IMCE, Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University, Lucknow, India.


Online buying and shopping is a rising concept in the area of E-Commerce and is absolutely departing to be the future of Online shopping in Indian market. Majority of the firms are operating their online websites to promote and sell their products as well as services through online medium/website. In present scenario online shopping is very much used by Indians, its development is enormous in Indian online market. India is a large customer market place but still lacking as compared to global market. The future of development of online shopping has forwarded the plan of performing a study on online shopping market in India. This research work presents Qualitative and Quantitative research for Indian online market to study the impact and role of Demographic factors of customers in online shopping. The parameters, which we are considering like satisfaction of customers in online shopping market, future purchasing behavior, frequency of transactions in online shopping, total numbers of items bought, and total spending in online shopping. These data for the analysis was collected through Questionnaires on a sample of 125 respondents from Lucknow City. The results of this research indicates that online shopping market in India is affected by several Demographic factors such as marital status, age, family size, gender and income of the respondents. The results and analysis of this research may be further extended by the researchers for forwarding the future studies in this area.