A Study of Novel Optical Character Recognition Algorithms


Roshan Suvaris
Research Scholar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore.

Dr. S Sathyanarayana
Sreekantha First Grade Women’s College, Mysore.


Optical Character Recognition has been an inseparable part of human life during everyday transactions. The OCR has extended its application areas in almost all fields viz. healthcare, finance, banking, entertainment, trading system, digital storage, and so on. In the recent past, handwriting recognition is one of the hardest study areas in the area of image processing. In this paper, the various techniques for converting textual content from number plates, printed, handwritten paper documents into machine code have been discussed. The transforming method used in all these techniques is known as OCR. The English OCR system is necessary for the conversion of various published books and other documents in English into human editable computer text files. The latest researches in this area have included methodologies that identify different fonts and styles of English handwritten scripts. As of date, even though a number of algorithms are available, it has its own pros and cons. Since the recognition of different styles and fonts in machine-printed and handwritten English script is the biggest challenge, this field is open for researchers to implement new algorithms that would overcome the deficiencies of its predecessors.