A Study on Cloud Platform Testing Analysis and Validation Using Fuzzy with Public Cloud Characteristics


A.Vanitha Katharine, Associate Professor
PSNA College of Engineering and Technology, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India.


Software product development life cycle has software testing as an integral part Software Testing is a challenging activity for many software engineering projects and it is one of the five main technical activity areas of the software engineering lifecycle that still poses substantial challenges Depending on the testing method employed, software testing can be implemented at any time in the development process. Traditionally most of the test effort occurs after the requirements have been defined and the coding process has been completed, but in the agile approaches most of the test effort is on-going. Cloud computing has opened up new opportunities for software testing, which provides unlimited resources with scalability, flexibility and availability of distributed testing environment. It reduces the execution time of testing of large applications and lead to cost-effective solutions It frees companies from large capital expenditures for creating test environments, and pay-as-you-go models mean need not to pay for idle test environments. Besides certain challenges cloud can attain its efficiency by taking care of parameters like network traffic, disk storage and RAM.