A Study on Factors Influencing the Consumer Buying Behaviour With Respect to Nykaa


Vyshnosri Pendyala, Marketing 2019-21
Sri Balaji University, Pune, India.


A few years ago, industries like beauty and personal care thrived more on the store experience of touch, feel and smell. We never knew that industries like beauty and personal care would probably make their way into digital platforms. We are all well-known with the fact that the evolution of e-commerce sites has made lives easier, simpler and time-saving in the world. Through this the changing trends have proved that the beauty and personal care industries are no exception to the digital mode. This paper explains about how did the e-commerce platforms have changed the way consumers choose online medium of shopping over the offline and the factors effecting the buying behaviour of the consumers regarding an online platform, Nykaa, with respect to their purchase of cosmetic and beauty products.