A Study on Fuzzy Query with Weights Based on Fuzzy Logic


Dr. ASHISH KUMAR TAMRAKAR, Assistant Professor
RCST, DURG, Chhattisgarh, India


Fuzzy queries can be used to access and modify data in both conventional & fuzzy databases, through this paper, the benefits of fuzzy query over crisp query will be illustrated using a classical database, on which both crisp and fuzzy queries are executed so that the efficiency of fuzzy query may be shown. For some situations, fuzzy queries more efficiently represent how human interpret the reality through their perception and language. The Fuzzy logic-based approach provides another alternative for effective natural language analysis. It is commonly recognized that many phenomena in natural language lend themselves to descriptions by Fuzzy mathematics, including Fuzzy sets, Fuzzy relations and Fuzzy logic. By defining a Fuzzy logic system and acquiring proper rules, we hope that difficulties in analysis of speech can be alleviated.