A Study on Operational Risk Management: A Comparative Study on Selected Public & Private Sector Banks In India.


Dr. Tejaswini Bastray
School of Commerce and Management Studies, Dayanada Sagar University, Bangalore, India.


The financial sector plays an important part in economic development, but in recent years, it has been witness to several complex events such as bankruptcies and financial institution failures, debt crises in key economies around the world. The situation has become extremely unpredictable, resulting in recession in major economies such as the United States and Europe. The Indian banking industry's development has accelerated. Over the last decade, it has been spectacular. It is clear from the increased rate of loan expansion and rising profitability and productivity comparable to developed-market banks, lower non-performing asset incidence, and an emphasis on Indian banking has become more vibrant and strong as a result of financial inclusion. Indian banks have begun to modify their policies their strategy for expansion.