A Study on Purchase Behaviour and Satisfaction of Mobile Phone Amongst Youth in Bilaspur City


Mihir Goyal, Marketing
BIIB, Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Indian Telecom industry is one of the quickest developing enterprises on the planet. Regardless old enough or sex, the utilization of cell phones is ceaselessly expanding at a fast pace. Versatile these days, isn’t just a wellspring of correspondence, yet this is the method of getting data and doing exchanges. This paper investigates and dissects the persuasive components towards the impression of purchasing cell phone gadgets among youth segment in Bilaspur(C.G), India. An endeavour has been made to break down the properties, for example, cost of cell phones, Ads embraced by superstar, brand dependability, change in looks/style over innovation and family/companions proposals which spurs the purchasing conduct in acquisition of cell phone. An all around organized five-point scale survey has been readied directed to approximately 182 respondents to acquire essential information. The investigation demonstrates that youth in Bilaspur locale for the most part incline toward suggestions of companion/family with no major budgetary imperatives. The discoveries from the investigation may help the cell phone producers to choose and use their showcasing methodologies for the advancement of their cell phones among youth aged shoppers.