A Study On Quality Of Work Life Among Airport Employess With Special Reference To Chennai International Airport, Tamilnadu, India.


Dr. G. Dhamodharan, Dr. S. Thiruvarangadas, Assistant Professor
Department of Commerce College of Science and Humanities SRM Institute of Science and Technology Vadapalani City Campus, Chennai, India.


Organizations have nowadays become responsible for not only the work environment, but also for the mental state of affairs and factors like stress and sexual harassment are becoming more and more regulated by company rules and culture. The health of the employees has become a major financial interest of the company as only healthy employees and leaders can perform optimally. Today employees and leaders also expect work to provide their life with meaning and stimulating experiences and developing challenges. Mere bookish knowledge is substituted with experiential learning in a developing and dynamic environment. Society is developing fast and only companies with modern, well-oriented and culturally integrated employees can win the competition by offering costumers or clients or patients the best products and services. At this juncture this study has been undertaken for to know the Quality of Work Life Among Airport Employess with Reference to Chennai International Airport,Tamilnadu, India.