A Study on- The Impact of Covid-19 on the Consumer Purchase Behavior for Household Refrigerators with Special Reference to Delhi-Ncr


Vishal Rawat, Marketing 2019-21
Sri Balaji University, Pune, India.


COVID-19 has significantly affected the global economy and has also significantly hampered the functioning of certain industries all over the world. Since summers have always been crucial for the whole consumer durables industry, this pandemic must have also impacted the growth of FMCD market too. As a result of highly volatile economic ups and downs, even the consumer has become more price sensitive as compared to earlier scenarios. Hence, this research is conducted in order to specifically understand and study the customer purchase behavior during this COVID period, specifically for the refrigerator segment. The research is equally oriented towards studying the factors which impact the purchase behavior of consumers for refrigerators. This research would also be helpful in measuring the degree of change occurred in this covid-19 scenario, in terms of purchase behavior towards refrigerators . The research would be purely based upon the primary and secondary data collected from the existing consumers of FMCD products. This would include data collection tools including questionnaire , literatures and telephonic interviews. The expected outcome of the research will help us understand the customer purchase behavior of refrigerators during this very period.