A Study on The Job Satisfaction Among Tea Plantation Women Workers in Wayanad District


Abdul Rafeeque AK, Ph.D Research Scholar
Department of Commerce, Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, India.
Dr. N. Sumathy, Research Supervisor, Professor
Department of Commerce, Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science, Coimbatore, India.


Most of the Tea plantation women workers are illiterate. Some of them are totally illiterate and some only know 3 R’s i.e. Reading, Writings and Simple arithmetic. They don’t know the government rules and regulations as well as working conditions. They are very ignorant about market conditions as well as ups and downs in their wage rates. As they are scattered in nature they are totally helpless in pursuit of their common interest. Ignorance and illiteracy are the prime obstacles in the progress of working women. Objectives of the study, to study the work environment of tea plantation women employees in Wyanad district of Kerala. Methodology of the study, Multi stage sampling. The entire Kerala state was divided into district wise and samples were obtained from the known population of women employees belonging to tea plantation women workers based on the method of cluster and from every tea estates the samples were drawn through random basis in a disproportionate method. Totally 370 respondents, respondents are Tea plantation women workers. Both Primary and Secondary Data have been collected. Primary data collected trhough a structured questionnaire with suitable scaling. Suggested this study, the tea plantation management must arrange small travelling facilities within the tea gardens. It will help the employees to reach their work place without burden. Because most of the tea plantations are located in hilly regions. Tea plantation management should arrange adequate sanitary facilities within the garden.