A Study on the Management of Waste Assets with Special Reference to the Waste Lands in the Select Temples of Tamil Nadu


Dr. S. Vijay, Mr. Kotteswaran, Mr.K.Arul


The management of waste assets is one of the important functions of any business organisation. The study on the subject waste management of assets in temple is almost not found anywhere till today. The maintenance of temples has been rested with the responsible persons who have had religious and god faith. In those days the temple management was found very perfect and the assets of the temples have been properly utilized the temple administration is vested with the Ministry of Religion and Culture. The value of assets is getting multiplied over a period of time owing to the change of value of money. As far as the land of the temple is concerned, the temples hold a huge size of land and that too irrigated lands which are suitable for cultivation. Knowingly or unknowingly these lands are leased to the local cultivators with an agreement that the tenants have to contribute a fixed quantity of yield to the temples every year. In those days the cultivators offered their contribution to the temples without fail. When days are gone by, the cultivators miserably failed to contribute their offerings to the temples. As a result the temples are unable to meet out their day to day needs for maintenance and worship. At this juncture the study has been conducted so as to find out the methodology of the management of waste assets of temples. Further an attempt has also been made to know whether the revenue generating assets are able to generate the maximum yield of revenue.