A Supplication Judgement of the Prophet Mohammed Peace and Prayer Be Upon Him to Allah Almighty in His Sickness


Muntazer Wadiha Rasheed Al-Heety , Assistant Instructor
College of Education for Humanities , University of Anbar, Iraq.


All praise to Allah and peace and prayer be upon the Prophet Mohammed and his household and companions. I chose this modest research which is marked by studying a supplication of our prophet Mohammed peace and prayer be upon him to Allah Almighty during his sever sickness and was he bound to deliver the supplication to the people, and for the prophet- peace and prayer be upon him- wise and noble situations and the person who pray and supplicate to Allah will stand and contemplate the situations the prophet did in his supplication to Allah to widen his wisdom and to benefit from these situations to apply the good meanings he quoted from the prophet’s situations in his supplication to Allah, as the prophet- peace and prayer be upon him- is the best example to be followed by every Muslim and Allah says {You had in the Messenger of Allah the best example for those who had hopes for Allah and the Resurrection Day and had mentioned Allah much more} True are the words of Allah.