A Treatise on Mentioning The Fundamentals of Reading Al-Kasaei, with Novel Al-Duri And Abi Al-Harith


Dr. Ahmed Abdel Sattar Shalal, Assistant Professor
Department of Quranic Sciences,College of Education for Girls, University of Anbar, Iraq.


Praise be to God, and may peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all of his companions. And after: The knowledge of the readings, when it is related to the Book of God Almighty, is an understanding, inference and a statement, It was one of the most honorable and greatest of sciences, The knowledge of Qur’anic readings has won this honor in terms of its subject matter and the severity of its need, It is the sciences most attached to the Book of God Almighty, but it is the way to understand the Holy Qur’an. There is a close relationship with other Islamic sciences, dependent on it and returning to it. The predecessors of this nation realized the status of this knowledge in religion, and the most honorable house descended from them, And a group of them emptied for him, so they finished their lives in order to obtain and establish them, and they walked to spread it and make it known to people. Their statement was the best statement, and there is no doubt that the intentions of the scholars, past and present, made great efforts in researching this science and extracting its great components that are still a reference for all future generations.