Achievement of Al-Hamza in the book “Al-Kifaya in Al-Tafsir” Phonological study


Elham Abdul Karim Yacoub, Dr. Rafid Hamid Sweidan, Professor
The department of Arabic language, college of Literature, University of Al-Anbar, Iraq.


This research deals with the investigation of the sound of Al-Hamza a in the book “Al-Kafa ‘in Explanation ” by Abu Abd al-Rahman Ismail bin Ahmad bin Abdullah al-Hayri al-Nisaburi, the blind, deceased (430 AH), that voice that the Arabs differed in pronouncing, Some have achieved it following the original, and fleeing from a difficult situation that may arise by deleting it, and some dropped it for ease and facilitation and economy in effort with compensation or without compensation, and another group mediated in its pronunciation by facilitating the Hamza between. Moreover, Hamza a What is not has its origin as Hamza a, and this Hamza a is not found in the deep structures of the words that were mentioned by Hamza a in their superficial structures, and it is either arising from illusions and wrong measurement, or by getting rid of an repulsive vocal situation, or it is the result of a specific dialect.