Advancement in Data Security using Cryptography Techniques


Anuj Chauhan, Student, Sangeeta Rani, Assistant Professor
SGT University, Gurugram, India. 


In today’s world data is everything. Data is a valuable asset that can lead an organization to grow as well as the downfall of that organization. If an organization’s data fell in corrupt and unauthorized people that organization’s reputation gets serious damage and recovering from that damage can be difficult. So, by any means, data must be protected from corruption and unauthorized access, by doing so an organization can prevent financial loss, reputation damage, consumer confidence disintegration, and brand erosion. To prevent unauthorized access to data, cryptography algorithms are used. In this paper, I am proposing a general idea that how we can fuse different cipher techniques and create a much-secured technique than the used techniques. Cryptography algorithms are very essential to protect your data. Cryptography algorithms simply work by encrypting the plain text into a secured cipher text which cannot be easily decrypted by third parties.