Advancement of Micro-ECDM Process: a Review Report


Krishnendu Mondal, Jayanta Mahato,
ME Department, Shobhit Institute of Engineering and Technology (Deemed to be University), Meerut, U.P, India.
Shishir Kumar Biswas
ME Department, JIS college of Engineering, Kalyani, W.B. India.
Kamal Pal, Bijan Mallick, corresponding author
Mechanical Engineering Department, Global Institute of Management and Technology, Krishnanagar, MAKAUT, India.
Sourav Majumdar
ME Department, Guru Nanak Institute of Technology, Kolkata, W.B. India.
Bidesh Bose
ME Department, Brainware Univeresity, Barasat, W.B. India.


Electro-chemical micro-machining (micro-ECDM) process appears to be very promising as a future micro-machining technique, since in many areas of applications it offers several advantages, which include better machining rate, precision and control and a wide range of non-conductive materials that can be machined. In this paper, a review is presented on current research, development and industrial practice in micro-ECDM. This paper focuses also the journey from ECDM to micro-ECDM research trends and the problematic areas of micro-ECDM. This paper shows some future possibilities of research on electrochemical discharge micro machining. This paper focuses mainly on different machining performance characteristics such as material removal rate, machining criteria, heat affected zone, surface roughness, gas film quality, machining depth, surface topography and tool wear. Micro-ECDM process can effectively be used for high precision machining operations. Some applications of micro-ECDM process have also been reported.