Affect on Alzheimer’s Disease during Covid-19


Amisha Gupta, Student researcher of Biopsychology
Laureate certified Student Researcher | Davidson Young Scholar.


The pandemic COVID-19 is generating worldwide disruption, straining health systems, causing morbidity and death, and placing people with ADRD in danger. In this article, we look at the present and anticipated implication son people with ADRD as a result of the epidemic. We examine and offer reducing measures and death in peopleCOVID-19’s effect on ADRD diagnosis and medical care in people with ADRD; and the COVID-19 repercussions of societal reactions in various ADRD care settings. COVID-19’s influence on physicians and caregivers of people with ADRD; stigma, mental health, and trauma during COVID19; and the prospective COVID-19 impact research on ADRD. Despite much uncertainty, we may be able to avoid or lessen the suffering caused by the epidemic of COVID-19implications for persons with ADRD and about their careers. Anticipated the potential patterns of COVID-19 effects in the world dependent on data gathered from Kaggle and used the Optum Labs Data Warehouse (OLDW),.