AI and Robotic Model: An Effect of Weather on Milk Productivity and Quality in Dairy Farming


Scholar of MTech, Automation and Robotics, Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow, India.

DAWAR HUSAIN, Assistance Professor,
E&C Department, Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow, India.

PANKAJ PRAJAPATI, Associate professor,
Head of E&C department, Ambalika Institute of Management & Technology, Lucknow, India.


The consumption for milk is rapidly rising due to increase in world population. The demand of the dairy products is high in various developed countries and growing in under developed countries to reduce malnutrition. To achieve the demand target for milk products, there are required advance technological aspects. Still, due to increased surface temperatures and seasonal change in RH level, like as heatwaves and change in Temperature-humidity index (THI) because of climate variation, are affecting the cattle’s thermal stress level. This weather diversity could affects the milk quality and yield of dairy cows. The modern technology such as AI approaches and robotic system can help a farmer to reduce different dairy farm related issues. In this research, the author stated the system, which can help the farmers to improve in the milk yield with the consideration of different environmental parameters. The model suggested in this paper is based on 3 years data of dairy farm possessed by different farmers with 55 cows having different heat withstand capacity. These data comprised of concentrate feed with climate parameters to create ML system to forecast milk related parameters. Moreover, proposed artificial intelligence (AI) model could be used to reduce the potential heat stress of dairy cow and maintain the optimum level of milk yield, and quality