AI Based Rescue Robot : A Literature Survey


Dr Mrudula Nimbarte, Associate Professor
CSE Department JD COEM, Nagpur, India.
Madhulika Wannewar, Varsha Pandhare, Kshitij Choubey, Vipul Gajbhiye, Vaibhav Pandey
IT Department JD COEM, Nagpur, India.


According to the statistics on numbers and rates of fire disaster in world, millions of lives of peoples, animals and on- duty fire fighter are lost every year. It gives the high demand for an autonomous machine to operate the fire disaster rescue operation efficiently and help to fire fighter team. The proposed paper involves the design of a robot that can analysis the situation at victim place and send the full report to the server of fire fighter team which can help them to deal with the disaster situation. Robot also aids the fire fighter team to search the victim and rescue them to safe places. The robot will not only be localize itself but also aids to turn off the fire. The Robot will help to rescue peoples and animals in fire disaster in efficient manner with least harm to rescue team.