Algerian Academic Woman between Scientific Research Requirements and Authority of Social Norms: A Sociological Approach


Bouada Hassina, Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Abdelhamid Ben Badis, Mostaganem, Algeria.


This research manifests findings about the issue of the Academic woman in Algeria between the demands of scientific research and the authority of social norms (a sociological approach). It endeavors to investigate and explore the ways in which these social and cultural norms pose barriers to the woman’s engagement to scientific research. It also addresses how women deal with social norms as a symbolic authority. The study revealed the following results: – Social norms put pressure on women researchers constraining their pursuit of scientific research. This is because women are perceived to have a sacred duty to motherhood, family care and housekeeping tasks. – According to the research findings, the academic environment is predominantly male-oriented. Additionally, traditional culture plays a significant role in shaping this academic milieu. – The woman researcher, based on the research results, is an active social actor who is aware of her situation and objectives. Therefore, she employs negotiation strategies to bring about change in her circumstances and achieve her goals.