American, Tunisian Military Relations (1989 – 1969)


Marwan Fadil Hussain, Jamal Faisal Hamed, Assistant Professor


The study focused on the military relations between the United States of America and Tunisia since the beginning of the reign of the thirty-seventh US President Richard Nixon in 1969, whose reign witnessed the beginning of the détente between the eastern and western camps under the Cold War, and until 1989, with the end of the second session of the forty-seventh US President Ronald Reagan. Thus, I dealt with the study of the relationship during the reign of four presidents of the United States of America. The research discussed the beginnings of HabibBourguiba’s approach to the Washington government, the causes for the US military support to Tunisia, the military and strategic importance of the Tunisian position on the Mediterranean to the Washington government, the American military aid and backing for the Tunisian government between (1969 – 1989), and the US government’s standing by the Tunisian government against The Libyan threat, as well as the stance of the United States of America on the internal events in Tunisia and the support of the Tunisian government in facing those crises.