An Analysis of Apology Strategies of English as Performed by Iraqi Undergraduate EFL Students at the University of Anbar: A Sociolinguistic Study


Dr. Mahendran A, L Maniam
Department of English Language and Literature, Teaching of English as a Second Language, Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI), Malaysia.
Ahmed Ibrahim Elttayef Al-Abdali,
Associate Lecturer
Applied Linguistics Ministry of Education, Iraq.


This aim of the current study was to identify and analyze the apology strategies used by Iraqi university students. In addition, it focused on how those students apologize appropriately and politely in different situations. This study adopted Holems (1990) apology strategies model which was adopted by Ugla and Abidin (2016). The sample of the study consisted of thirty university students from Anbar University-Department of English- the fourth level. A Discourse Completion Task Questionnaire consisted of ten situations were developed by the researchers and used to analyze data obtained. Results revealed that university students used different strategies according to many variables