An analytical study of the different methods of handling informal areas on state property “Case study of the informal unsafe areas near the railway on Sudan street, Giza”


Azza Amin Serry, Sherif Mohamed ahmed, Mohamed Amin Saad, Youssef Mabrouk Elsawy ELasfar
Civil and Architectural Constructions Dept., Faculty of Technology and Education, Suez University, Egypt.


The problem of informal areas in Egypt, despite the difference in these informal areas in terms of location, area, population and the quality of services, they share their suffering from rising population density, insufficiency of basic facilities and services, the spread of environmental pollution and low standard of living. The importance of this research lies in a new problem that hinders planning and executive authorities in the development of informal areas, which is land ownership. This comes in different entities such as private property whither for residents or companies, and central authorities such as the Ministry of Endowments, Railway Authority, State Property, or the Antiquities Authority. the research exposes all of this to reach results and solutions that help the planning and executive authorities in providing services to these areas, and in the implementation of vital projects and development projects.