An Efficient Dynamic Converter with Fewer Components for Fuel Cell System


Dr. Sneha Joshi
Malla Reddy Institute of Engineering and Technology, Hyderabad


Fuel cell inverters become more and more widespread within both private and commercial circles. These grid- connected inverters convert the available direct current supplied by the fuel cell and feed it into the utility grid. There is a strong trend in the photovoltaic inverter technology to use transformerless topologies in order to acquire higher efficiencies combi ning with very low ground leakage current. The goal of this paper is to reveal through simulation, some of the most effective and feasible power converters, already developed and large scale sold for different green energy sources, using new generation of semiconductors models. These high efficiency topologies are analyzed and discussed here in order to observe the advantages and the disadvantages between them. Also, it’s almost mandatory to highlight the improvements of the last generation of SiC semiconductors in order to justify this work. The proposed concept is verified by using MATMAL/SIMULINK software and the corresponding results are presented.