An Implementation of SOFC and Wind Power based efficient and low-cost Hybrid Power System


Palak Shukla, M-Tech Scholar, Mousam Sharma, Assistant Professor
BIT, Durg, Chhattisgarh, India.


This project implements a fuel cell model supplying three-phase dc/ac inverter. We use hybrid grid with fuel cell-based Simulink model. The fuel cell output voltage is comparable to the change of the air (oxidant) pressure, the hydrogen (fuel) pressure, and the current from the fuel cell. Three-phase dc/ac inverter is used to supply the ac load. Symmetric Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation is used to stimulate the three-phase inverter so that there is minimum harmonic distortion on the load side voltage and current. Simulation results are provided to validate the design. In this project we make a renewal energy-based Simulink model which interface with fuel cell and battery storage units.