An Interpretation of Lemmatization and Stemming in Natural Language Processing


Divya Khyani
BGS Institute of Technology Karnataka India.
Siddhartha B S, Assistant Professor, Niveditha N M, Divya B M
Adichunchanagiri University-BGSIT, Karnataka, India.


This research paper aims to provide a general perspective on Natural Language processing, lemmatization, and Stemming. It focuses on building up a base that helps in attaining a general idea over the technology. It explains the concept of Natural Language Processing, its evolution over the years, its applications, its merits, and demerits. In addition to that, it also gives a brief idea about concepts such as Lemmatization and Stemming. It helps in understanding their working, the algorithms that come under these processes, and their applications. At last, this research provides the comparison of lemmatization and stemming, attempting to find which one is the best.