Analysis of Age Dimension of income Distribution and Benefits Incidence in Nigeria


Vincent Ikumariegbe Ogboghro, Ph.D
Dept. of Banking & Finance, Delta State University, Abraka, NIGERIA.


The paper is on age wise analysis of income distribution, and its interaction with benefits incidence in Nigeria. It particularly examines how benefits incidence has impacted age-wise distribution of income in Nigeria. Government expenditure policies were analyzed so as to figure outtheir income re-distributive value. The study notes that, distribution is originally skewed against the youths of age below 45 and above 60 in Nigeria. It is noted that Nigeria with a gin- coefficient index of 0.447 in 2010 is one of the worst in the world. Though Nigeria have a history of poor income distribution, it has recently been showing signs of improvement; her gini-coefficient index improved in2016 to 0.387. This improvement resulted from the many pro-youths’employment/income generating programmes of the government; particularly the N-power, SURE-P, and rural agricultural programmes.In conclusion it is recommenced that government should intensify her rural youths farming programmes by subsidising seedlings, fertilizer and improving extension services to the rural areas. Government can also be ready to guaranty and extend credit facilities to them.