Analysis of Data Oriented Web Application Systems


Anubhav Dinkar, Student, Prakash Biswagar, Professor
Dept of Electronics and Communication, R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore, India.


The purpose of this paper is to study and analyse the various tools that are used in modern day web application systems, which include but are not limited to Flask, Django, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Docker containers, virtual machines, and so on. The main aim is to allow users of these technologies to be able to choose the right technology based on their needs and the scale of their applications. This is done with the help of sysbench and Docker and Linux based containers, along with basic Flask and Django web applications. Flask could be preferred for simpler web applications over Django. Docker and LXD do perform similarly for the most part, but due to its low storage footprint (only essential libraries are installed in the container, not an entire OS), and its ease of configurability in almost all operating systems, Docker is generally preferred over the others. PostgreSQL seemed to perform 2 times better than MongoDB in terms of the number of queries it handled.