Analysis of Economic Behavior of Viewing from Market Aspects in Central Sulawesi


Brawijaya University Postgraduate Doctoral Program, Indonesia.
Nuhfil Hanani, Djoko Koestiono, A.Wahib Muhaimin
Lecturer at Postgraduate Program Socio-Economic of Agriculture Departement, University of Brawijaya, Malang, Indonesia.


This study aims to analyze the economic behavior of rice from the market aspect in Central Sulawesi. The data used in this research is the type of time series 1971-2018. Data analysis was performed using an econometric model built in the form of simultaneous equations. The equation consists of 15 endogenous variables and 15 exogenous variableswith a lag of 9 variables. Furthermore, the model is estimated by the method2SLS and historical simulations for the period 1972-1980, years 1981-2001, and the period 2002-2018.The results showed that: (1) Year-end rice stocks were responsive to changes in market operating ratios both in the short and long term, namely 2,394% and 3,637%. (2) The amount of rice procurement was responsive to changes in time both in the short and long term, namely 1,050% and 1,007%, while the amount of rice imports was also responsive to changes in retail rice prices, namely 1,588% and 2,460%. (3) The amount of Bulog’s rice release and retail rice prices are also responsive to changes in rice consumption, grain prices, and to production in the long run, namely 1,584%, 1,143% and 1,274%, respectively. (4) The farmer-level unhulled rice price is responsive to changes in the government purchase price in the long run, namely 1.24%.