Analysis Of Light Gauge Steel By Using Fem Subjected To Tension Load


Dr.A.Paulmakesh, Associate professor, Gizachew Markos Makebo, Head
department of civil Engineering, Wolaita Sodo University, Ethiopia.


The effective sectional area concept was adopted to conduct the analysis of cold-formed Tension members. ANSYS software was utilized to simulate the behavior of cold-formed steel angle under tension load. The paper describes the results from a finite element investigation into the load capacity tension members of single angle sections of 1.5,.1.6,2 3,4 mm and double angles sections of 2mm under plain (without Lipped) and with Lipped conditions subjected to tension. Numerical investigations were carried out using finite element software ANSYS. In order to simulate the experimental behavior using the analytical model, material non-linearity’s and geometric nonlinearity’s were incorporated. The ultimate strength for cross – sectional dimensions with varying eccentricity loads under tension loading conditions was achieved through the ANSYS 15.0 workbench. In the numerical investigation, 180 specimens were modeled on tensioning elements attached to bolts. To find equivalent stress, equivalent elastic strain and total deformation of single and double-angle sections were investigated.